Why we do this

Supporting DIPG Research

Our hope is that each year will bring new insight into this pediatric brain tumor and soon there will be a REAL option in treatment for other families.

Eight years ago, our family was camping in NH during one of our most memorable and enjoyable vacations.

Eight years ago, we never considered spending a weekend riding 163 miles to Provincetown on a bike. WHO DOES THAT? 

Eight years ago, things changed. Three months after that vacation we learned Evan was very sick.  And found out there was nothing we could do for him medically to change the prognosis.  

And so now WE DO THAT.  We ride 163 miles to Provincetown.  When you NEED to do something to make sense of it all, when you need to find a way to change the outcome for future children, you ride a bike. This is what we have been doing for seven years. 

When you need to do something to make sense of it all.... you ride a bike.

Evan's Crew: Towards a cure for DIPG

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